Formation/Registration of new companies

We can assist in the registration of new private limited companies with the Registry of Companies.  Clients wishing to register new companies will need to provide the name of the proposed company.  After initial verification of the availability of the name at the Registry of Companies, a formal search at the Registry of Company will be carried out.  For this search, a fee of RM50 will be charged.  This initial fee will be deducted from the final bill for the registration of the company should the client decide to incorporate the new company. 

The cost of registration for a new company with an authorised share capital of RM100,000 and an issued capital of RM2.00 is RM2,200.  The new company incorporated will be provided with the following:-

  1. Memorandum & Articles of Association (10 sets)

  2. Common Seal

  3. Minute Book

  4. Statutory Registers

  5. Share Certificates (25 pieces)

The following particulars and documents will need to be provided before a company can be registered:-

  1. Names of promoters (new shareholders/directors)

  2. Identity Numbers/ Passport Numbers and Visas (with photocopy of document)

  3. Current residential address

  4. Date of Birth

  5. Occupation and other directorship in public listed companies (if applicable)

A deposit of at least 50% of the cost of incorporation will need to be paid before we can commence registration of the company  Kindly note that the whole registration process will take at least 14 working days from the date of submission of the completed documentation to the Registry of Companies.